Wind & Hail

Windstorms cause significant damage to property. Wind storms often result in significant damage to roofs, fences, windows, gutters, and interiors. Often the damage is obvious to the homeowner. Sometimes, however, the damage does not appear until sometime after the storm. Wind storms will often cause roof shingles to lift and crease. The integrity of the roof is then compromised and allow water to leak into the interior of the home.

Windstorms often bring hail. Hail can damage all of the same parts of the property a basic windstorm can—roof, fences, windows, gutters, etc.

Insurance companies routinely deny or underpay windstorm and hail claims. The insurance companies claim the damage is “historical” or routine wear and tear damage and therefore, not covered under the policy. WK advises you not to accept your insurance company’s word for it. You should seek representation.

Williams Hart has the expertise to assist you deal with your wind and/or hail claim. Williams Hart will work with an expert or experts to determine if the damage is related to a wind storm. If so, WK will fight the insurance company to try and get your claim paid in full.

Please contact Williams Hart to discuss your claim by calling (713) 352-0031.

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