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The swath of devastation created as hurricanes cut through the Northeast has led to one of the most costly disaster zones in the history of our country, and thousands of Americans have only just begun to recover from the destruction and work towards rebuilding what was lost in these storms. Hurricane insurance is an essential component of many individuals’ recovery plans, and without the swift and effective payments they are entitled to under their policies, it may be virtually impossible to start the considerable rebuilding efforts required all across the coast.

Despite the faithfulness of policyholders in making their payments, some unscrupulous insurance companies may attempt to avoid their financial obligations in this time of crisis. Unfortunately, underpayments, delays in payments, and in some cases outright denials of legitimate claims are all too common. However, with the assistance of an experienced insurance bad faith attorney from Williams Hart, you can fight back against this mistreatment. To learn more about your rights and legal options, contact our offices today at (713) 352-0031.

Insurance Bad Faith Cases We Handle

In an attempt to maximize profits, insurance companies strive to minimize the payments they make to the insured. While the tactics insurance companies employ to avoid making significant payments are varied, a skilled insurance claims attorney can negotiate or even litigate on your behalf in order to come to a desirable settlement of the dispute. Our tenacious legal team can assist you in the following areas of bad faith practices:

  • Coverage disputes
  • Deceptive trade practice violations
  • Insurance code violations

With the resources of a large and successful law firm at your disposal, you can be confident that your interests will be thoroughly represented in any insurance conflict.

Bad Faith Insurance FAQs

What are my rights under my insurance policy?

Every insurance policy is a contract. You are required to pay monthly premiums, and your insurance company must pay benefits if the conditions listed in the policy occur. As long as you make the proper payments, you reserve the right to be treated fairly by your insurance company. The insurer must pay or deny your claim within a reasonable time frame. If the claim is denied, your insurer is required to provide you with detailed reasoning as to why. They must also reply in a timely manner to letters and phone calls. If your insurer is not honoring your rights, you may have a bad faith insurance claim.

How can I detect bad faith insurance tactics?

There are a couple telltale signs that your insurer is acting in bad faith. Some of the most common bad faith tactics that insurance companies use include immediately denying a claim or refusing to investigate a claim and then failing to provide any explanation of why the claim was denied or refused. More subtle tactics include taking an unreasonable amount of time to respond to a claim, improperly citing laws to lessen a settlement, and refusing to negotiate a settlement. If you have noticed any of these tactics when dealing with your insurance company, then you may have a bad faith insurance case on your hands.

What should I do in the event of bad faith insurance practices?

Never let your insurance company take advantage of you. If you believe your insurer has acted in bad faith, it is important to gather information and document interactions with your adjuster. Be as detailed as you can with the descriptions of your adjuster’s actions and be sure to note the date on which they occurred. It is wise to contact an experienced bad faith insurance lawyer who can examine your case and provide you with all your possible legal options. Your lawyer will be able to guide you through the process of filing a bad faith lawsuit against your insurer.

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