Why You Should Hire a Professional for Commercial Cleanup

After a devastating hurricane strike, wind damage and flooding can wreak havoc on your business. FEMA reports that 40 percent of small business owners do not reopen after closing in the wake of a catastrophic natural disaster. The good news is most businesses bounce back, despite the chaos surrounding a community trying to rebuild. Time is of the essence, and every day your business spends recovering is additional revenue that is lost. The information within this article will help your business quickly reach its reopening, and with all the vigor it had before the storm hit.

An essential step to recovering in the wake of a hurricane is having critical resources at your disposal, and the best plan of action is usually developed before a storm hits. That being said, as a business owner you are familiar with foreseeing potential risks to your property and revenue and should be covered by insurance. Depending on your policy, insurance provides options to repair physical damages and compensate your losses based on projected income.  Properties that suffered minor damages still have the potential to lose twice, as the cost of repairs and loss of revenue add up quickly.

File a Claim

The first thing to do is call your insurance provider and file a claim under the conditions of your policy. Insurance companies process these claims on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is important to contact them immediately. Professional water damage experts will be there to provide you with assessing and repairing the type of damage your business has suffered. Skilled at identifying potential losses and hidden water damage, these contractors are there to help you every step of the way. To help your claim get processed even faster, it is a good idea to take notes and identify any damage you can with photographs. Not all water damage is noticeable to the untrained eye, so don’t rely on just yourself to fully inspect the property. Communicate with the insurance company and the water damage experts that come out to assess your property, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Stay Safe

Your business is your livelihood, and we understand that better than most. However, you can’t help the business succeed if your personal safety is in jeopardy. Stay smart when responding to your flooded business, and take all the necessary precautions to avoid injury. Floodwaters can be deadly and contain invisible dangers, such as chemicals and bacteria. Always wear the proper protective clothing and reduce the risk of shock by turning the circuit breakers off. Responding to disaster areas is dangerous, and many times it requires a professional to deal with the issue.

Contact a Professional

No business owner is going to rebuild their business alone, especially after a Category 4 hurricane rips things apart. Hiring the right help is imperative for a successful business to swiftly recover and climb back to the top. Water damage requires immediate attention to prevent further losses. Mold, mildew, structural integrity, and condemnation are all risks facing a business after even minor flooding. Pipes are sometimes broken, construction materials are soaked, and cracks can develop in the building’s foundation. Many of these threats loom in the shadows of a building’s supportive substructures and are not obvious. The cost of these damages going unnoticed risks your business and your career.

Water damage restoration contractors are the professional experts in their field and are tasked with identifying affected areas and responsibly removing all the water damage associated with flooding. Using specialized equipment, technicians extract water from drywall, furniture, and flooring until they are completely dry.

One of the biggest challenges of rebuilding flooded businesses is to protect your business from mold and mildew.  Any level of flooding in a business will require several checks to prevent mold and mildew from infesting the building. These fungal invasions often appear in dark, stagnant areas that are hard to detect. Professionals know where to find common places where these fungi take over. The best way to protect your business after a flood is to get professional help before it is too late.

*And Remember:

Natural disasters cause substantial damage to homes and businesses, disturbing the community, and challenging residents to overcome new obstacles to rebuild. Physical damages to property often leave the structure in shambles, but you are not alone. Water damage specialists are there to help you through this important step to quickly reopen. By taking the time to ask for the appropriate help, you are greatly increasing the odds that your business will be one of the 60 percent to recover. Remember, any water damage has the potential to devastate a business and should be treated as an immediate threat that requires an urgent response. Ask your insurance provider for trusted contractors in the community that understand the critical nature of water damage in this time of need.

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