What to Do When a Loss Occurs

Despite the overwhelming stress that comes with filing an insurance and/or liability claim, it is essential to accomplish this task sooner rather than later, to protect your interests. To help guide you to a fair settlement with your insurer, Williams Hart will provide you with an experienced claims advocate.

Firstly, to prevent future losses and to quickly recover from these current losses, it is important to contact your insurance carrier to immediately report:

  • The date and time of the loss
  • The location of the loss
  • The cause of the loss
  • The property involved in the loss
  • The estimate of the loss, if already determined and available
  • The contact information for everyone involved in the loss, including individuals’ phone number and email address

Regarding suffering a property loss, consider these helpful tips, when filing a claim:

  • Avoid premature assumptions, overly optimistic assumptions, and quick settlements, especially in the case of a severe loss
  • In addition to preparing an inventory list of all items, separate all items into categories of damaged vs. undamaged items
  • Whenever possible, document the losses by taking pictures of the damaged items, while also saving a piece of the damage, especially the flooring and carpeting
  • Notify the police in the event of theft or vandalism
  • You should insist upon detailed invoices for all lost items
  • Before disposing of any damaged property, discuss efforts to salvage these items with the adjuster
  • Keep detailed records of all expenditures and retain receipts

In terms of liability claims, depending on the particular situation, you may also have a casualty claim. Consider the following tips, especially if another party accuses you of damages.

  • Neither offer a statement nor admit or comment on any potential liability
  • Determine the name, address, and phone number(s) of the person or group of people who are making the complaint against you, as well as the information of any possible witnesses
  • Record the name of the ambulance company and the name of the hospital, if any emergency services are involved
  • If another witness emerges, even after your insurance claim has been filed, gather that person’s contact information and share it with your insurance company

When filing a claim, Williams Hart has pledged to advocate on your behalf every step of the way.

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