What is “duty of cooperation?”

The legally defined “special relationship” between an insurer and the insured was found to be a significant factor by the Texas Supreme Court in 1987. Recognizing a duty of good faith and fair dealings, the law protects policyholders from unreasonable and malicious insurance practices.

When you purchase an insurance policy, the law dictates that you have entered into a legally-binding contract with the insurance provider. Part of the provisions set forth within the contract obliges the policyholder to cooperate with their insurance company in providing all necessary documentation required to properly assess a claim.

Sometimes the information demanded by your insurance provider seems inappropriate or irrelevant to your claim. If you are concerned that any requests for more information are unnecessary, you deserve to have professional help to better understand your rights. Personal and financial documentation is not always pertinent to assessing an insurance claim, and you should not submit anything further until you have consulted a skilled attorney.

If you have been officially notified by your insurance provider that they need more details before processing your claim, you should consider getting legal advice immediately. The policy provider has the right to delay your claim pending further information, and they have ample resources at their disposal. Often times, their demands are matched with complicated instructions in an attempt to catch you off-guard. Playing right into their hands, unsuspecting policyholders defeat themselves before they even know it. Once your claim has been denied, your options are severely limited.

Should your claim be denied, you will have the opportunity to appeal it once before filing suit. Only the information you provide in the initial appeal will be allowed in court if you decide it is right to sue. This means that any necessary and compelling evidence for your claim to succeed must be included in the original appeal because it cannot be added later. Hiring a professional attorney with ample experience in dealing with insurance companies is essential so nothing gets left out of the appeals process.

Working with trusted members of the community, who excel at defending policyholders from powerful insurance companies, is what you deserve. The skilled team at Williams Hart has successfully represented policyholders for over 30 years, and we have nation-wide recognition to prove it. We offer compassion and patience to all of our clients, and we will always take the time to answer any questions you may have. Insurers have dedicated teams of lawyers that put profits first, and their only concern is money. Our primary concerns are taking care of you and fighting on your behalf for what you deserve. When our team is on your side, we level the playing field.

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