Helpful Tips for Choosing a Contractor

The devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey has left Houston residents with many unanswered questions. At Williams Hart, we’re prepared to help you navigate this difficult time as you begin to rebuild your life and home. Our experienced attorneys know the best route of action property owners should take in the months that will follow now that Hurricane Harvey has passed. One difficult issue our clients face is how to choose a contractor to repair your home after Harvey’s damage. These useful tips can help you make the most informed decision when it comes to selecting a contractor to help you recover after the disaster:

Research. It’s important to be wary of uninsured and unaccredited contractors who are looking to take advantage of Hurricane Harvey victims. Contractors such as these are probably not established in the community, have few online reviews and are charging extremely high prices for incomplete or unacceptable work. Conduct thorough research on high-quality contractors who have experience working in the Houston area and are aware of the necessary requirements for building, repairing and providing permits to complete the work on your house.

Confirm credentials. Before initiating an appointment with a contractor be sure to receive a copy of their contractor’s license with the license number and proof of insurance. Professional contractors will have these credentials on hand and will be comfortable with letting you view their qualifications. Be sure to look at the contractor’s proof and identification for each job you’re looking to have performed, be it electrical, welding, insulation, masonry, etc.

Plan to get three bids. To get the best home improvement contractor, plan to get at least three different bids. It’s important that the contractor you choose provides a fair estimate for the work your home needs. Make it a priority to not settle on the first bid and prepare to negotiate rates with your contractor.

Review past work. The reputation of the contractors you use should be a major deciding factor. Carefully read the reviews of the contractor you’re looking to hire either online or directly through their website. We also recommend that you call and ask for referrals and references from past customers to get an idea of how well the contractors completed their work on previous projects.

Be wary of scams. Contractors should never ask you to pay upfront or cash-only for their work. While a deposit for materials can be reasonably expected, full payment for an uncompleted job is a red flag for unprofessional work. Beware of scammers who are offering low prices for a limited time in light of Hurricane Harvey. A reputable contractor will also never pressure you to make a decision quickly. These types of contractors are not legitimate, and you must be wary of their tactics.

The attorneys at Williams Hart have seen the destruction that Hurricane Harvey caused for so many of our friends, family, and colleagues in the last several weeks. We are prepared to answer your questions and extend a helpful hand during this difficult time in the Houston community. Contact the nationally-recognized attorneys at Williams Hart today for more information. Call us at (713) 352-0031, fill out our email form, or chat live with us today.



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