Extension of Deadline for TWIA to get Appraisal for Harvey Damage

On Sept. 7, the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) asked the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) to extend the deadline for claimants to request an appraisal. The letter determined there was good cause to extend the deadline by 60 days. TWIA reached the conclusion of good cause by consideration of multiple factors. The commissioner of the TDI granted the requested extension based on a number of factors. The contents of the letter are outlined below:

Firstly, the TWIA has received 50,000 claims for hurricane Harvey alone, 95 percent of which are for residential or mobile home policies. The influx of claims will, in turn, bring upon a shortage of contractors that are reliable and qualified, make prices of labor and materials unstable. Because of such an influx, TWIA wants more time to be able to work on these and space them out, which in turn provides the potential claimants more time to demand an appraisal.

With this deadline extension, this gives the claimant 120 days to request an appraisal after the claimant receives TWIA’s notice accepting coverage in full or in part. Further, no later than the 15th day after the 120-day period mentioned above, an additional 30 day period may be requested, at the discretion of TWIA. If accepted, the additional 30 day period begins on the date it is granted.

Both of these requested changes were granted and are applicable immediately.

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