Allowing a Thorough Inspection of Your Home After Harvey

The Hurricane Harvey insurance claims attorneys of Williams Hart are prepared to help you through the legal process of filing home and business claims after Hurricane Harvey. We are members of the Houston community, and our family, friends, and neighbors here are near to our hearts. The team at Williams Hart are here as a resource to offer recommendations to prevent you from making mistakes commonly made by property owners during the insurance claims process.

If your house has been damaged because of Hurricane Harvey it is important to know your rights and the best steps to take when an insurance adjuster visits your home. While homeowners certainly have the right to deny a complete inspection of the damage to their home, we advise that homeowners avoid this decision. If an insurance adjuster is not able to thoroughly inspect your home’s interior and exterior, the extent of the damage cannot be fully assessed. When insurance adjusters assess your claim, an incomplete inspection of the damage of your home could significantly limit the amount of money you’ll be able to recover. Furthermore, if your claim goes into litigation, an incomplete assessment made by an adjuster could seriously reduce the compensation you’re entitled to receive.

It is wise for all property owners to allow insurance adjustors total access to their homes and businesses, both interior and exterior. For example, if the first floor of your home was flooded from the hurricane, we recommend that adjustors be permitted to inspect each room of the interior, not just the rooms that you felt were most impacted by water damage. Additionally, if your roof was damaged by the hurricane’s windstorms or fallen trees, we advise that you allow adjustors access to your attic and top floor of your home for further examination. Water intrusion may have occurred on the top floors of your home that you may not be aware of. Finally, if you have noticed damage from the hurricane in your home but not in other buildings on your property, such as a garage, we still recommend you allow your insurance adjustor to visit additional buildings on your property covered by your insurance. If damage to your home goes undiscovered, it may worsen with time and cause future damage to your property. Insurance adjustors are trained and qualified to assess leaks and damage that you may not be able to detect. Don’t let an incomprehensive assessment of the damage to your home caused by Hurricane Harvey inhibit you from recovering the amount of money you’re entitled to.

We highly recommend that homeowners permit insurance adjustors to perform a thorough and detailed examination of their home, and don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion if you do not agree with the insurance company’s assessment of the damages. Keep in mind that although your insurance company’s commercials may pitch themselves as your “neighbors” who are there to take care of you, they tend to put profits above you and your claim.

Hurricane Harvey caused widespread destruction across Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast. The attorneys at Williams Hart are fully prepared to help you with your insurance claim questions. We strongly believe that you should choose an attorney you trust to guide you through the claims process to make sure that the insurance company properly values your policy and your damage claim. If they fail to do the right thing by you, the policyholder, then you have the right to take legal action to recover the financial compensation you’re due. We’re ready to help you now, so chat with us live on our website, fill out a contact form, or call us directly at (713) 352-0031 today.

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