Avoid the Biggest Financial Mistake of Your Life in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

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The attorneys and staff at Williams Hart want to do whatever we can to help our fellow Texans. We want you to know that our people are going through the same thing that you folks are going through. We have had many staff members displaced from their homes and many of those same people found their cars and trucks were damaged beyond repair. This is very personal to us! We don’t want our people, or anyone else affected not to receive the compensation needed to rebuild your home and life. We would like to outline what we think is going to happen based on our years of experience and knowledge when dealing with insurance companies.

Here are a few issues regarding the insurance companies:

  • The insurance companies have a ton of financial exposure with the millions of claims that have been filed and will be filed due to Harvey.
  • When you file a claim, their representative is trying to minimize the cost to the insurance company. They are NOT on your side. They represent the insurance company and are trained to operate in the company’s best interests.
  • Oftentimes, the insurance representative does not have the necessary experience to understand how much it will actually cost to repair, replace or fix your property either homes, commercial structures, churches, boats, RV’s etc.

Based on these three points, what we see happen on a regular basis is that the money they offer you WILL NOT be enough to replace what you have lost.

We think hiring an attorney is CRITICAL, even if it is not us. Here is what we do to help YOU!

  • If you become our client, we send a team out to inspect your property to see the FULL extent of the damage. If we need to get on the roof, we do it. Our team has done thousands of these inspections and we know all the little ins-and-outs of construction and how one problem can lead to another. You need enough money to pay for all of the damage caused, not just a small part of it.
  • We charge ZERO fees on the original amount offered by the insurance company. That’s right, if you become our client and we see the insurance company offered you the correct amount for your claim, there is no cost to you. We will leave knowing -even if we didn’t make one dime – that we did our job and gave you the peace of mind that you will be able to replace what was lost.
  • We represent you, and our interests are completely aligned. Our goal is to make you whole again!

Here is an example of how we can help you and how our fees work so there are no surprises:

  1. You file a claim for the damage.
  2. The insurance company sends out a private adjuster who may low-ball you and offer say, 50k for the damage to your property.
  3. Our experienced, knowledgeable adjusters—who are working for you—come in at no cost to you, will assess the damage, and will let you know the real value of your claim, for example $200k.
  4. You only pay us on the difference (150k) between the insurance company’s estimate and the actual money we recover for you.

Below you will find additional resources. We hope you hire someone who is on your side and we would be honored if you chose us. Please chat with us, email us or call us at (713) 352-0031 to discuss your claim at no cost to you.

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