How long will my insurance claim lawsuit take?

When people suffer property damage from hurricanes and other natural disasters, they typically need their insurance payouts right away to make repairs and move on with their lives. Unfortunately, however, these claims can be unnecessarily delayed or even wrongfully denied by reticent insurance companies, prompting lawsuits and adding significant time before a person can receive his or her payout. It is important to note, though, that if an insurance company settles with the claimant shortly after the lawsuit begins, a homeowner may receive compensation much faster than if the case goes to court.

If you’re thinking about filing a claim against an insurance company due to a wrongfully denied claim or delay in providing coverage, we may be able to help you through this process. For more information about what to expect when pursuing legal action against an insurer, contact the attorneys of Williams Hart today by calling (713) 352-0031.

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