A claims investigation occurred, but it does not accurately represent my damages. What can I do?

If an insurance company tries to undervalue a property or inaccurately represent the scope of damages to it, the policyholder could end up with a significantly lower amount of payout than he or she truly needs. However, this tactic is not permissible, and policyholders with misrepresented damages may be able to file lawsuits against their insurance companies in order to recover proper compensation for their damages.

Your insurance company has a responsibility to provide you with a fair assessment of your property’s damages and fair coverage for those damages. Failure to provide this payout in full and on time may be considered bad faith on the insurer’s behalf, as well as grounds for legal action. To discuss how a bad faith insurance claim may help you recover the proper value of your hurricane damages, contact the insurance claims lawyers of Williams Hart by calling (713) 352-0031 today.

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