What’s Most at Risk of Catastrophic Wind and Hail Damage?

Major storms are terrifying, and when you walk outside to discover extensive property damage from wind and hail, the stress continues. Property damage means insurance claims and disruption of your livelihood, and wind and hail claims account for more than 15 billion dollars in insurance settlements annually. More than 40 percent of all insured losses are due to wind and hail. With such shocking losses and payments throughout the country, it is important to remain knowledgeable on the most common types of wind and hail damages. There are key steps you can take before and after the storm to ease the burden of dealing with the destruction caused by wind and hail.

Large wind and hail storms are relatively rare in most parts of the country, and often catch citizens off guard. Broken glass, dents, and battered vehicles are all common realities after a serious storm. Consider protecting your property in the following ways:

  • Your automobile is by far the most at risk during a storm. Thousands of cars get totaled every year due to large chunks of hail. If your vehicle has sustained any damage, contact your insurance provider. To protect yourself from this type of damage, you have a few options. Investing in a garage or carport can mitigate the worst of the storm damage. Alternatively, covered parking garages offer a safe, cost-effective way to protect your vehicle from broken windows, or worse.
  • In extreme cases, your home windows may be shattered by hail or other falling objects. When this occurs, broken glass is thrust into your home and places you and your family in danger. In order to prevent this dangerous situation, close all drapes, blinds, and shades before a storm. This may not protect your window, but it will protect you and your loved ones.
  • An underrated consequence of hail storms is roof damage. This can be costly, but modern innovations in roof decking and shingles have created sturdier roofing options. Consult a reputable roof contractor to discuss protective options.

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