What Usually Isn’t Covered under Flood and Hurricane Insurance

Many of the victims of a hurricane may have purchased hurricane or flood insurance prior to the storm’s devastation effect. While these policies can cover several types of damages, there are others that aren’t covered under certain flood policies, coming as a surprise to a policyholder when trying to file a claim. As such, at Williams Hart, we believe that it is important for those affected by hurricanes to know exactly what their insurance covers, especially when it comes to floods, so they are aware of what amounts they should be owed.

The Limits of Flood and Hurricane Insurance

Flood and hurricane insurance often cover similar types of damages, particularly those dealing with the immediate destruction caused by an unexpected rush of water. However, these policies don’t always cover the following damages:

  • Damages from internal leaks, not external water
  • Damages to landscaping or swimming pools
  • Non-structural damages to a basement, including any property stored in the basement or even finished basement walls and floors
  • Valuable documents and cash
  • Living expenses for a homeowner
  • Business losses

It’s important for a policyholder to know what their policy does and does not cover. If an insurance company doesn’t cover something that you know they are supposed to according to the policy, you may have legal grounds to file a claim for that unpaid coverage.

Contact a Hurricane Insurance Claim Attorney

If your property was damaged by a hurricane and you haven’t received the coverage that your flood or hurricane insurance policy states you should receive, a lawyer from Williams Hart may be able to help you recover these losses. For more information about how to prepare a claim after being mistreated by an insurer, call us today at (713) 352-0031.


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