Types of Compensation for Bad Faith Insurance Claims

After a hurricane, many homeowners and business owners turn to their insurance companies for help with repairing the damages caused by the storm. However, in some cases, insurers fail to provide proper or prompt coverage for these damage claims, an act known as insurance bad faith. As a result, policyholders in this situation may be entitled to pursue compensation through a bad faith claim against their insurers for the wide range of costs associated with their insurance providers’ wrongdoing.

The Results of Successful Legal Action

If a policyholder files a bad faith claim against his or her insurer, the individual may be eligible to win compensation for a variety of damages caused by the policy provider. This compensation can include the following:

  • Any coverage funds not provided but expected through the policy
  • Financial compensation for the effects of overly late coverage payments
  • Compensation for emotional damages and stress from bad faith behaviors
  • Invasion of privacy compensation
  • Compensation for interfering with the insured’s economic advantage
  • Compensation for any punitive damages, including compensation for fraud
  • Coverage for attorney’s fees in many cases

Unfortunately, winning bad faith insurance claims can be difficult as insurance companies often have extensive legal teams on their side. However, a reliable attorney can help to argue a wronged policyholder’s claim so that he or she has best chance of securing compensation.

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