Steps to Take if Your Business Interruption Claim Is Denied

Hurricanes have caused incredible devastation across the East Coast, seriously hampering business owners from continuing their normal operations. To prepare for this exact problem, many business owners purchase insurance policies to cover the costs of business interruption in case of an emergency, such as a hurricane. While these policies should be honored and coverage should be provided, some insurers may wrongfully deny claims. Fortunately, however, in this situation a business owner can take certain steps to getting the financial assistance they need, including by filing an appeal.

Preparing to Appeal a Claim Denial

It’s important for business owners to go through the proper steps and procedure involved in a claim appeal, as even a small mistake can jeopardize their chance at a fair hearing. To begin, business owners may want to consider the following process:

  • Request information about the precise reason the claim was denied
  • If possible, address that particular reason
  • Discuss the appeal with a qualified legal advisor
  • Appeal the denial through the proper review board

Through this process, a business owner may be able to successfully appeal a business interruption claim that could make a sizeable difference in their business’s financial stability after the damages of a hurricane.

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