Signs of Excessive Information Requests from Insurers

Insurance companies may use a variety of tactics to try to stall or delay a claim from going through the system and resulting in the proper coverage for a policyholder. One such tactic is to frequently request additional information or evidence of damages from a claimant. It’s the claimant’s responsibility to provide this information, and insurers may see this as an opportunity to delay the entire claims process. However, there are instances in which this can become a wrongful delay and a claimant can take legal action to get their coverage.

If you’ve filed a claim with your insurer for hurricane damages and haven’t received coverage in a timely manner or have been repeatedly stalled, you may be entitled to pursue an insurance bad faith lawsuit. For more information about how this legal option could help you fight for your policy coverage, contact a hurricane insurance claims attorney of Williams Hart today by calling (713) 352-0031.

When Your Insurer’s Information Requests May Be Unnecessary Delays

An insurance company may request additional information, but should do so in a reasonable manner that doesn’t interfere with the regular process of providing their policyholder with fair coverage. The following acts may be signs that an insurer is delaying this process through information requests:

  • Records requested exceed the time-line of the hurricane
  • Records requested exceed when the original policy was signed
  • Information that isn’t related to the damages is requested for the claim

If an insurer engages in these tactics, they may be punished through an insurance bad faith claims lawsuit, in which the claimant may be entitled to recover their claim coverage if successful.

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You shouldn’t have to put up with the delay tactics of your insurance company. If you’ve been mistreated by your insurer, you may want to think about filing a lawsuit against them for your due coverage. For a free consultation regarding your first steps through this process, contact a hurricane insurance claims lawyer of Williams Hart at (713) 352-0031 today.

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