Insurance Bad Faith in Hurricane Claims Investigations

After a hurricane, many homeowners and business owners immediately set to work filing insurance claims for the cost of their damages. However, the claims adjusters sent out by insurance companies may not have followed the appropriate course of action when investigating these damages. In these situations, property owners may find themselves without the full coverage they need and deserve to rebuild their homes or places of business.

Negligent Claims Adjusters and Insurance Bad Faith

During the course of investigating a hurricane damage claim, a claims adjuster may make thoughtless mistakes that could constitute bad faith on the insurance company’s behalf. If this occurs, a policyholder may not get the payout outlined in his or her policy, potentially making him or her eligible for further legal action for the value of that financial loss. The following types of insurance claims adjuster negligence may be grounds for legal action:

  • Failing to take photographic evidence or to record detailed notes on the damages
  • Failing to request reports or statements from either the authorities or witnesses if applicable
  • Failing to obtain professional estimates on particular types of property damages if necessary
  • Failing to investigate a damaged property in a timely manner
  • Failing to take accurate accounts of the damages or report these findings accurately to the insurance company

These unprofessional and even negligent errors can cost a homeowner or business owner significant amounts of money from missed coverage.

Contact a Hurricane Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

If you haven’t been provided with the proper coverage after filing a residential claim, commercial claim, or other type of property damage claim because of a claims adjuster’s misdoings, you may be entitled to pursue legal action to get the policy coverage you are owed. To learn more about how to prepare an insurance bad faith lawsuit, contact an attorney from Williams Hart today at (713) 352-0031.


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