Home Repairs After a Hurricane

Devastation from hurricanes often leave many homeowners with thousands of dollars’ worth of damages. Fortunately, home insurance policyholders who have properly paid their premiums should be able to collect payouts from their insurance providers. However, if an insurance company fails to provide coverage when a policy calls for it, the policyholder may be left without the money he or she need for repairs. In some cases, a policyholder may need to file a lawsuit against the insurer to get the coverage he or she deserves.

If your home was damaged or destroyed by a hurricane and your insurance company has yet to provide you with the coverage outlined in your policy, we may be able to help you pursue a bad faith insurance claim to secure the funds you need. For more information about this type of legal action, contact the hurricane insurance claims attorneys of Williams Hart at (713) 352-0031 today.

Common Repairs Necessary After Hurricanes

The damages caused by the winds, floods, and surges from a hurricane have left many homeowners in desperate need of massive home repairs. The cost of these repairs can include some of the following, which are covered under many insurance policies:

  • Roof repair
  • Repairs to exterior siding, brick, stone, etc.
  • Window replacement
  • Repairing heating and cooling systems
  • Damage to interior floors and walls
  • Electrical wiring repair
  • Mold clean-up

Most of these expenses should be covered under a standard homeowner’s policy. If an insurance company hasn’t provided coverage for any of these expenses, is delaying the process of paying, or has paid far too little compared to the actual cost of damages, a policyholder may be eligible to file a lawsuit against that provider for fair coverage.

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The cost of repairing your house after sustaining hurricane damage may be impossible without the full insurance payout you deserve. If your policy provider hasn’t provided you with the coverage you deserve under your policy or has unnecessarily delayed paying you that money, we may be able to help. To schedule a consultation regarding your legal options in pursuing a bad faith claim, contact the hurricane insurance claims lawyers of Williams Hart today by calling (713) 352-0031.

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