Does Insurance Cover Landscaping Costs?

During the violence of a hurricane, many homeowners saw the major landscaping features of their property toppled over or entirely ripped out of the ground. Bushes, flowers, and trees were all destroyed or damaged. Although a homeowner may consider these losses a part of their overall home damages, their insurer may not agree. Many policies don’t cover the full cost of landscaping damages, though they may pay out a reasonable percentage according to the policy.

What Gets Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance primarily covers costs for damages done directly to the house itself. Usually, landscaping damages are minimized or left out entirely. However, some insurance policies may include the following benefits in cases of landscaping damages:

  • A portion of the house’s insured value may be claimed for landscaping damages
  • If a tree or large landscaping feature caused damage to the house, the removal costs of those features may be covered as a damage to the house
  • A policyholder may insure particularly valuable features such as old trees or rare flowers, which should be fully covered under the policy’s terms in case of damages

Major landscaping losses should be estimated by a qualified professional, who can provide a homeowner with the monetary extent of their loss. This figure can then be cited to an insurer, and a policyholder may be entitled to receive coverage for that loss.

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