Documents Necessary to Prove Bad Faith Insurance

While many insurance companies uphold their responsibilities to their policyholders following natural disasters such as a hurricane, others fail to provide their customers with the full, timely payouts they deserve. In these situations, the wronged policyholders may be able to file bad faith insurance lawsuits against their recalcitrant insurers. However, handling this frustrating issue alone can be difficult due to the numerous legal documents necessary for a bad faith suit.

If your property was damaged in a hurricane, and you still haven’t received fair coverage from your policy provider, you may be entitled to pursue a bad faith insurance claim with the help of a skilled lawyer. For more information about this kind of legal action and how we may be able to help you, contact the hurricane insurance claims attorneys of Williams Hart today at (713) 352-0031

Information Needed for a Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit

If a policyholder intends on pursuing a legal claim against an insurance company that has failed to provide coverage under the terms of the policy, the plaintiff must be able to present certain evidence for his or her claim. This information should include the following:

  • Visual documentation of the damages
  • Estimates of the value of the damaged property
  • The terms of the policy
  • Any estimates on damages sustained by the property prior to a hurricane
  • Receipts for repairs, property restoration costs, and lodging expenses

This information can play a vital role in a bad faith insurance claim, potentially helping a claimant prove his or her case and receive fair compensation from the policy provider.

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If your insurance company hasn’t provided you with the coverage you deserve, you may want to consider filing a bad faith lawsuit against your policy provider for the coverage you’re due. To schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help prepare your claim, contact the hurricane bad faith insurance lawyers of Williams Hart by calling (713) 352-0031 today.

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