Damage from Exterior Moisture

After a hurricane’s devastation, many houses are left exposed to the elements until their owners could return to survey or address the damages. During this time, flood and rain water could easily affect any area that wasn’t adequately covered up. Unfortunately, this can leave behind significant exterior moisture damages throughout a home that can cost a homeowner a great deal of money to fix.

How Exterior Moisture Can Damage a Home

With roofing, walls, and windows all damaged in the course of the hurricane, many houses sustained exterior moisture damage to exterior and, unexpectedly, interior areas around the house. Rain and flood water may have caused some of the following problems throughout a home:

  • Extensive mold growth through any ceiling and wall openings
  • Plaster or drywall cracks
  • Rotten wood
  • Paint damages
  • Insulation damages due to heavy water exposure

These damages can cause homeowners to accrue substantial expenses when repairing or rebuilding sections of their house. If an insurer doesn’t provide coverage for these damages when a policy states that it should cover these kinds of water damages, that insurer may be held accountable for their bad faith dealings with the homeowner.

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