Condominium Claims

Multi-unit housing and condominiums are very common in the areas most devastated by hurricanes. Condominiums are unique in that each area is owned by an individual, and they are responsible for any damages inside of their condominium. However, property owners and condominium associations are responsible for the exterior and shared areas of the building.

At Williams Hart, we are aware that after such devastating storms, there can be much confusion about who is responsible for which parts of the condominium damage. Unfortunately, insurance companies tend to take advantage of this confusion and delay claims or underpay for a legitimate claim. With legal help, however, you can often fight this and get the insurance coverage you need.

What Condominium Damages Should Be Covered?

Condominium associations rarely cover the entirety of a property. The following are a few areas, however, that the condominium association is likely to insure and cover:

  • Exteriors of buildings and shared walls
  • Foundation of the building
  • Exterior structures (parking garages, tennis courts, arbors, etc.)
  • Plumbing and electrical malfunctions

Unfortunately, getting coverage for the other areas of a condo that you are responsible for can be difficult, especially when an insurance company is acting in bad faith.

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