Church Claims

Churches can often be devastated by a hurricane. These places of worship suffer damages alongside homes and schools, and communities in affected areas should be able to rebuild their spiritual centers in the aftermath. Because of the unique place a church holds in the community, there can be confusion about who is responsible for paying for damages caused by a hurricane.

At Williams Hart, we are aware of the misunderstandings that can occur in the aftermath of a hurricane. Sadly, some insurance companies take advantage of the confusion and deny or delay coverage payments for legitimate claims. With legal guidance, church leadership may be able to secure compensation for denied claims and get the financial aid the church and its congregation deserve.

What Church Claims May Be Covered?

While church insurance policies vary among providers, there are standard items for which insurance companies covering churches should be paying. The following items may be outlined in your church’s insurance policy:

  • Church buildings
  • Outdoor signs and fences
  • Pastor’s personal property
  • Stained glass windows
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Temporary repairs made immediately following a hurricane (ex. boarding up broken windows)

Enlisting legal assistance can help you determine which damages your insurance provider should be covering.

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Working through the confusion in the aftermath of a hurricane can be stressful and take time away from the more important matters a church should be attending to. An insurance lawyer can help church leadership work through the details of the church’s insurance policy. At Williams Hart, our lawyers are experienced in insurance claim disputes and are ready to help you get the insurance your church deserves. Call (713) 352-0031 today to speak with a lawyer about your case.

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