Challenging Denied Foundation Damage Claims

Hurricanes bring a substantial amount of damage to a staggering number of coastal communities. As residents return to their homes following the hurricane, many find extensive superficial and structural damage that necessitated either repair or that their house be torn down. With so much work to be done, most people turn to their home insurance providers to make good on their financial commitment only to be turned down, either in part or in total.

Challenges to Foundation Damage Claims

The financial strain imposed upon homeowners by negligent insurance companies was felt no more acutely than by those who needed to tear down their homes and rebuild. Typically, a certain degree of damage done to a structure’s foundation will make that structure unsafe to live in. As a basis of their denial of claims, some insurance companies may take the following positions:

  • The damage to the foundation was not the result of the hurricane
  • The foundation may simply be repaired
  • Deny altogether that the foundation is damaged

Our attorneys will work with you to challenge any denial of your insurance claim and do everything they can to see that your insurance company honors your insurance policy.

Consult With a Foundation Damage Claims Attorney

At Williams Hart, our foundation damage claim attorneys are committed to protecting the rights of residential insurance policyholders; we will do everything we can to see that your home insurance provider honors their financial commitment to you, as defined in their policy agreement. To discuss the particulars of your insurance claim with one of our lawyers, please call our offices at (713) 352-0031 today.

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