Can an Insurance Bad Faith Claim Be Made for Uncovered Damages?

The damages from a hurricane left many property owners filing numerous insurance claims to receive the full coverage they were owed for property repairs. However, it can sometimes be difficult to determine exactly what damages are considered part of a property owner’s policy. Even in cases when an individual’s insurance company isn’t obligated to provide coverage for certain damages, the insurer still cannot violate insurance regulations. In these situations, a policyholder may have the right to pursue compensation for the non-coverage damages the insurance company’s bad faith caused.

At Williams Hart, we work closely with our clients to provide them the fair opportunity to file bad faith insurance claims against their insurers after the damages caused by a hurricane. We believe in upholding a policyholder’s rights, and our lawyers will fight hard to achieve a just, fair resolution.

A Lack of Coverage Doesn’t Excuse Insurance Bad Faith

In cases when a policyholder normally wouldn’t receive complete or even partial coverage for certain damages, he or she is still owed a proper claim process by his or her insurer. If the insurer doesn’t take the time to take the claim seriously in good faith, it may be held accountable for any financial damages that occur due to this misconduct. The following may be considered bad faith even if no coverage is ultimately provided to the policyholder:

  • If no claims adjuster was sent out to investigate the claim, or if this investigation was delayed unnecessarily
  • If a decision for the claim was made excessively late
  • If the insurer refused to respond to a claim entirely or failed to respond to follow-up communications from a policyholder

In these situations, a policyholder may be eligible to sue on the grounds of bad faith but may have limited recovery options, considering that the initial coverage was not part of his or her policy.

Contact a Hurricane Insurance Claim Lawyer

If your insurance claim wasn’t handled properly by a policy provider, you may be able to hold the company accountable for its wrongdoing. Even if, by the company’s standards, you weren’t provided complete coverage correctly, you have rights as a policyholder under a policy’s contract. For more information about how to pursue an insurance claim after a hurricane, contact a lawyer from Williams Hart by calling (713) 352-0031.

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