Automotive Property Insurance Claims and Bad Faith

Hurricanes can leave many business owners with massive amounts of property damaged or destroyed, including business property used for transportation or distribution. From the vehicles themselves to garages or docking bays, the damage to these properties may have had a devastating effect on a business’s viability. However, if the business owner had the property insurance coverage, they should have received adequate repayment for these damage. If an insurer didn’t provide this coverage, there may be grounds for legal recourse.

Business Claims for Automotive and Related Property

The flood waters and wind damage linked to hurricanes cause untold millions of dollars of damages to businesses across the East Coast. Vehicles used for transportation or distribution and the facilities used to house or repair these vehicles may have been damaged or destroyed in this storm’s wake. If an insurer committed the following mistakes, they may be held liable through a bad faith insurance claim:

  • Failing to pay on claims for vehicles or facilities such as garages or docking bays
  • Failing to properly inspect damages
  • Failing to work within a timely manner
  • Failure to account for a vehicle’s actual value or the value of facility used by the business

Business owners have the right to receive fair coverage under the terms of their policy. Insurers who fail to live up to the terms of these contracts may be held legally accountable for their misdeeds.

Contact a Hurricane Insurance Claim Attorney

If your business’s vehicles or garage spaces were damaged in a hurricane and your insurer failed to provide the proper coverage under your policy, there may be legal options available to pursue compensation for this lost coverage. To learn more about these options and how to prepare a hurricane insurance claim, contact an attorney from Williams Hart today by calling (713) 352-0031.


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