5 Things to Do before Speaking to an Insurer

If a person had their property damaged by a hurricane, their insurer is likely responsible for providing coverage for damage costs according to an insurance policy agreement. If the insurer is responsible, but hasn’t provided coverage, that policyholder may be entitled to take legal action to get their insurer to pay their fair share. However, this process can be a difficult one that may be confusing and frustrating at times for a policyholder. There are a few important things for a policyholder to remember before confronting their insurer.

Preparing to Confront an Insurance Company

Insurance companies are often well-prepared to deal with a policyholder’s dispute, making it somewhat difficult for a policyholder to argue on their own for fair treatment in certain situations. However, the following tips may help:

  • Review the policy itself before speaking with the insurer
  • Contact the insurance company as soon after the damages occur as possible
  • Document any and all losses as soon after the damages occur as possible
  • Take whatever steps are possible to protect whatever is salvageable or what remains of the property
  • Keep complete and detailed records of any property-related expenses after the hurricane

These tips can help a policyholder build up evidence of expenses that should be covered under a policy, give them the opportunity to review their insurer’s expectations, and guard whatever property remains undamaged. If a policyholder needs to take the next step and pursue an insurance bad faith claim against their insurer, having taken these steps can be extremely helpful.

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