New Hampshire Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims

Dubbed a “super storm,” hurricanes can cause devastation to millions of Americans in up to thirteen states with 90 mph winds that reached over 500 miles in all directions from the center of the storm. Because of the wind, flooding, and debris that hurricanes bring, Americans from Maine to Virginia have found themselves facing millions of dollars’ worth of damage and loss.

Storms such as hurricanes cause extensive wind, flooding, and other damage to people’s homes, vehicles, and businesses, forcing victims to seek financial support from their insurance companies in an effort to alleviate some of the burden of repairing or replacing this property. Unfortunately, while many insurance companies fulfill their responsibilities fully when it comes to adhering to their clients’ policies, many others do not. Through failing to adequately pay claimants, rejecting legitimate claims, and a number of other acts of bad faith, insurance companies cause victims to suffer further complications and losses.

After the Storm

When a large scale hurricane hits, millions of people like you are affected, causing insurance companies to often be overwhelmed by hundreds or thousands of insurance claims. While this is no excuse to fail to fulfill customer’s policies, many insurance companies use this as a way to save themselves millions of dollars. In an effort to handle these claims as quickly as possible, insurance companies turn to independent adjusters for help in evaluating claims and assessing damage. As a result, many claims are unfairly denied or underpaid, delays in processing claims or paying customers occur, and many errors or misrepresentations are made.

Due to the number of claims that need to be evaluated and processed, many of the adjusters that are hired to help are inexperienced or improperly trained, leading to errors being made in accurately assessing and reporting damage. As a result, claimants may be seriously harmed by an estimate that is too low and does not accurately represent the full extent of the damage done to their property. Sadly, this causes those who have already dealt with significant loss and suffering to endure further loss as they have to pay thousands of dollars or more to make up the difference.

Steps to Take to Protect Your Rights

  1. As soon as you are safely able to, take the necessary steps to protect your property and prevent further damage. In the meantime, make sure to also save receipts for any costs related to the hurricane, such as temporary living expenses or housing.
  2. File a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. Make sure to have a copy of your policy and all of the information pertaining to your claim, including the date it was filed, a copy of the claim, who the claim was made with, and the number assigned to your claim.
  3. Keep copies and records of everything! From every detail relating to your interactions with your insurance company and adjusters to copies of written or emailed correspondence, this is necessary information that may be used to help with your claim later on. You should make sure to write down names, numbers, dates, specifics discussed relating to damage, how much time was spent on each interaction, and other details.
  4. Locate or make a list of all your property. Make sure to include any receipts for items purchased or updated/renovated if you can. Also, take photos of and notes about any damaged property.

Understanding Your Rights

Is there someone who can help me recover everything I am entitled to recover under my policy?

After a storm as large and as devastating as a hurricane, those affected will be in desperate need of the financial assistance that their insurance company is supposed to provide in order to repair or replace damaged and lost property. While filing these claims is difficult enough, it becomes even more so when an insurance company fails to adhere to its policies with customers and acts in bad faith. In such a situation, an innocent victim of a natural disaster like a hurricane may find themselves facing unfair treatment and the loss of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, an attorney can help victims fight against their insurance company when there is a dispute with their claim. Call Williams Hart today at (713) 352-0031 to learn more about your legal rights if you are in an insurance claims dispute with your insurance company.

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